NACA have several key river fisheris on the R.Wensum and R.Yare

NACA River Fisheries

Sparham Hall - R. Wensum Lyng

River Wensum Lyng



Upstream of the Mill Pools at Lyng, this slower and deeper 1 ½ mile stretch of river offers a challenge to specimen hunters.

Access and car parking at both upstream and downstream ends of the fishery with a short 'No Fishing' section roughly in the middle.

This stretch was to have been the next NACA habitat restoration project but financial constraints on the part of the interested parties have meant that the project has been 'back-burner-ed'.

Containing large Bream known to exceed 11 lbs in weight, Chub running to over 6 lbs, Roach to above 2 lbs, numerous double figure Pike and the odd big Perch.

Comparatively under fished, this fishery is capped at 35 members at the owner’s request. Season tickets are £35.00 but there is a waiting list for places.

Below is a list of the largest recent catches that we know of (but we are sure that bigger fish – especially chub & roach – have been caught) :-

SPECIES           WEIGHT           DATE                 CAPTOR

Pike                     27lb 12oz            February 2008             Mark Jones

Roach                  1lb 15oz             February 2008             Mark Jones

Bream                  11lb 12oz            June 2008                    Mark Jones

Chub                      6lb 8oz             March 2009                  Bob Chambers

Chub                 6lb 8.1/2 oz         March 2010                 Bob Chambers


Membership information update for:


01603-879088 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

May 2015

I am the administrator of two of the three NACA fisheries in the Lyng area. One is known as Sayers Lakes and the other as Sparham Hall. (The third NACA fishery in the NACA-Sayers group and also situated on the Wensum near Lyng, is known as Sayers Meadow. Its administrator and manager is Tim Ellis who will be submitting his own report in respect of this fishery.)

Sayers Lakes consists of two almost adjoining lakes – Sparham Pools and Square Meadow.

Sparham Hall is a river fishery on the Wensum just upstream of the better known Sayers Meadow fishery.

You will find a description of Sayers Lakes and Sparham Hall elsewhere on this website.

As administrator of these two fisheries, I am responsible for issuing permits etc.; answering queries from anglers interested in obtaining permits and also, as treasurer of the three NACA-Sayers fisheries, collecting the fishery subscriptions from the members and banking same.

In effect I do the office work for the fisheries. The person who does the real work is the fisheries manager, Russell Francis. He's the one out on the banks and making sure everything is in order on that front.

We have vacancies on Sayers Lakes but there is a small waiting list for a place on Sparham Hall. Both fisheries are reasonably priced at £40 for the lakes and £35 for the river.

For insurance purposes, we have to insist that anyone purchasing a permit is a current NACA member.

Any queries please get in touch with me

Bob Chambers

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.