Using RSS feeds

How to use NACA's RSS Feeds

RSS Feed identification symbolWith the growing information, news and events information being added to the NACA web site, there has been a need to provide a means of letting our Members and the general angling and fisheries community access this information. Email was a method of doing this in the past, however it means time and energy that could perhaps be better used elsewhere.

So NACA's answer was to invest in technology to do the work for us. Having installed, tested and now use exclusively a Content Management System to run the News and Events section of the web site, the next phase was to implement the technology to keep Members and visitors informed of what is happening on the site

Step up RSS Feeds

The News site has Feeds available for the all News items and the home page and we would recommend that all visitors take advantage of these as it will help make accessing the RIGHT information at the Right time. Rather than search the internet every time you want to know what is happening, find the site, make use of the Feed available by Live Bookmarking or Feed Linking to access the headlines from each site.

To help you do this there are a series of screen grabs for NACA site providing its Feeds to a FireFox web browser (Live Bookmarks) on a Mac and via Internet Explorer 7 on a PC. This should allow a variety of systems to accomplish a satisfactory delivery of Feeds from the NACAsite.

You will need to install one of these later generation web browsers to access these Feeds so if you have an older browser why not make the step today and let us keep you truly informed!.

Further information and guidance on RSS Feeds can be found at the following web pages:
The images below will show in more detail how you can set RSS feeds up: